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Eileen Quaglino (term exp. 12/31/27)
Karen Sadock (term exp. 12/31/28)
Dorothy Consentino (term exp. 12/31/24)
Rafael Riquelme (term exp. 12/31/25)
Amanda Karpinski (term exp. 12/31/26)
Council Liaison:  Councilman Christopher Kourelakos
Library Director: Kate Gorman

Meeting Schedule for 2023

The Board generally meets at the Dumont Public Library, Conference Room, 180 Washington Avenue, Dumont, NJ at 6:00pm on the 4th Wednesday of each month with the following exceptions:  There are no meetings in July and August; and the meeting for November and December is on the third Wednesday, November 20, 2024 and December 18, 2024.


Where Does It Meet?

180 Washington Avenue, Dumont, NJ